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Seventh Kingdom IGE takes a bold step forward in the live action role playing world. Instead of simply LARP, this game promises players an interactive gaming environment–fully immersive and interactive. Patrons will experience the game with all senses.

Seventh Kingdom’s food is also highly-rated, promising to be among the best out there.

Come play today! Check out Seventh Kingdom IGE.

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Okay, we all know that LARPers are targets of many jokes. We’ve all seen ‘Role Models’ (and if you haven’t, you really should). Here’s a question that takes courage to answer:

Have you had any embarrassing LARP moments? Did you accidentally execute a flawless crotch shot on a male player who neglected to wear a cup? Or perhaps you were that player.

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The success of the new Star Trek movie makes me wonder whether we’ll be seeing Star Trek LARPs. I know there are various organizations out there who do construct bridges in their basements and enact some Trek stuff, but generally most Star Trek role playing I have encountered has been either at conventions or online.


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Seventh Kingdom IGE just posted a nice how-to guide on making spell packets. This entire site looks like a great resource for new LARPers. Spell Packets

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In response to: https://larpers.wordpress.com/2009/03/24/observing-female-larpers-in-their-unnatural-habitat/#comment-113

I agree that the whole heirarchy thing can be ridiculous at times, just as it is/was ridiculous in high school. However, whether you choose to be a part of it or not, others perceive you as being so.

Imagine being a new female LARPer. You’re familiar with games like Warcraft and D&D and you’ve role played online for over a decade, but you’ve never LARPed. Let’s say you have a wonderful new boyfriend who is a LARPer and you show some interest in LARP because it fits in with your innately nerdy skill set (you’ve already rolled geek and he likes you for it, and you’re comfy playing one). So you roll up in your ren faire garb, keeping in mind that he already told you that if his friends don’t accept you, the relationship probably don’t work.

As in most social situations, the females are to be the greeters. They’re long time gamers and they already think they own your boyfriend, so when he runs off to NPC, he throws you in the fire by leaving you with them. Just like high school, you’re given a once over. You’re new, and they practically smell it on you, but even though they know you’re new, they assume you’ll become at least as queenish as the rest of them, trying to flirt/and/or sleep with all of ‘their’ men. They run the game, both socially and literally.

Tell me, then, DeadEyeKnight, how does this leave our LARPer chick any type of choice? Obviously her boyfriend, who claims to be ‘oblivious’ to these rituals despite seeing it in action, should share some of the blame here, should he not?

All of those other women are sizing up new LARPer chick. They know that she makes more money than they do and likes her job. In the real world, she has proven to be more successful then they are without betraying her true geeky nature–and that makes her a threat on all fronts.

The other thing going on here, even if you put the whole notion of ownership of males aside, is the ultimately ‘meta’ situation of the whole thing. What goes on socially at the LARP not only affects LARP time, but out of game time, too, if you game with other friends. I’ve even had LARP and other gamer friends express disgust over the fact that I still hold close my friendships with non-gamers or people who have other hobbies, because these gamer friends want to claim ownership on me (as a friend) as well. Don’t tell the girl in the new LARPer chick scenario it’s ridiculous–go up to the established Alpha Biotch and tell her–because without that scenario, new LARPer chick would not have wanted anything to do with the game!

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I’m relatively new to LARPing, but in that time I have heard a lot of stereotypes described. I’m fortunate that my full time job (I work in publishing) sort of lends itself to eccentricity, but that isn’t the case for all LARPers. LARP has at least as much of a stigma as Dungeons & Dragons carried (and still carries).

See stereotype below:

What are stereotypes of LARPers?

-Skinny, male, pimply
-Horrible at acting
-Fighting about rules
-No girlfriend/can’t get laid
-Lack of a social life
-If there are female LARPers, they are ‘LARP queens’

I think some of these stereotypes are true, but most of them aren’t. For example, most LARPers would in some way identify themselves as geeks. Those that don’t get weird looks from people who do. Trust me on that one.

Most LARPers are in fact, male. There are, however, some female LARPers out there. They are examples of LARPers who are getting laid. If they have a boyfriend that games, there you go–another LARPer who is totally getting laid.

Many LARPers have to ‘mainstream’ in their day to day lives, especially if they have real jobs or outside lives. I can respect that, so long as the inner geek is unleashed on the battle field!

Regarding acting, some LARPers get into LARP due to their interest in the theatre arts. LARPing is a great way to improve improvisational acting skills. It’s also a wicked excuse to wear fun costumes.

LARP is a social event. Sure, you meet people while interacting in character, but there is occasional out of character time. You can meet a lot of people with similar interests at LARP events.

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The LARPs that I have participated in all seem to have a common formula for their plot for any given month or week end. Now most people would say, “Why fix something if it isn’t broken?”  Well, my friends, this particular behavior just might be broken, but since it is the status quo no one seems to want to change it. Is it a fear of the unknown? Or maybe even the uncertainty of the player response to a new formula?

Well here is the current formula.

Players perform a preconceived (by the staff) sequence of events that must occur before leading up to a Saturday finale. Should the players fail at any of these modules the staff creates a means to save the day (and their plot) and it’s usually an npc (non player character) or group of npcs.  And that my friends is monsterbation which in my book is a plot no no. Nobody wants to pay for a LARP where everything has been foretold by staff where no matter what a player does it won’t matter, because the “script said so!”

It might just be a bit radical of me to assume that most do not mind this, as the tales usually are epic and it is fun just to be a part of something big. I do enjoy repeating old war stories to my companions about past deeds and my part in the events, and remember what we all shared. Not to mention the MVP moments of our companions wether it was funny, brave, or a total accident.  The harsh reality is, it wasn’t our story, just our part.

Each player and group should have their own epic tales to tell. The plot should merely drive them.  The circumstances that each player is placed creates an oppurtunity for their deeds to shine and to create and lead to a potential climax all their own.

So it seems that instead of trying to fix a broken formula let’s just make a new one. What if a story was divised of multiple occurances and fleshed out by the reactions of the players? Then the plot writers would have to do a large series of “what ifs?” And yet some how tie it all together. Then that would truly put the “labor” in labor of love. After all, that’s what the LARP is to it’s staff and players is it not?

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