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Ah yes, we’ve blogged on this topic before. My geek gal friends and I still fail to understand why geeky men have unrealistic expectations about women. I like comic books. I would like to blame something other than comic books. However, The Frisky posted a quote from James Cameron.

Fantasy Women Are Easier To Deal With

In the word of Malcolm Reynolds… “Huh.”

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Smile more - LARP!

Smile more - LARP!

Simon Vanderheyden wouldn’t consider himself a LARPer–even though he’s a gamer. We’ve mentioned here before that many non-LARPers have some sort of elitist attitude towards LARPers. Perhaps this is due to the typical nerd insecurities–like many people, even gamers want to have a power trip (in fact, that’s what leads some to LARP in the first place).

I’m happy to say that Simon isn’t that guy. While Simon’s observations on LARPing don’t necessarily apply to every LARP or interactive game (Seventh Kingdom IGE offers an intense story line, for example), the detailed pictures and description of people generally having a really good time is entirely true about most games!

Kudos to Simon for taking the time to truly observe LARPing instead of just bashing it because it’s not his preferred type of gaming. Please check out Simon’s post and the rest of his blog here.


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There are many pros and cons to NPCing at a live action role playing game. Experience LARPers will know that most LARPs and LARP-type games invlolve mandatory NPC duty, during which players are required to step out of their PC roles and play a bad guy (usually a demon or thug) responsible for providing entertainment for the other players. If a player is lucky, he will participate in a game which does not require NPC duty (check out Seventh Kingdom IGE in New Jersey), but welcomes NPC assistance.

Here is a brief list of the pros and cons of LARPing. Please feel free to add more below as comments.


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Check it out: LARPers caught on Google Street View

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Last night, I was just making mention of how much it bothered me that little boys get all sorts of cool movies about the boy getting to be the super adventure hero and how girls get films about wanting to be princesses.

Then today I saw this:


Maybe most little girls don’t want to be action heroes…but is it because they really don’t want to be, or because there aren’t many examples in movies? There are probably at least ten movies about a boy who wakes up to find he is really King Arthur, but there are hardly any such movies for girls, especially in that genre. Females can be helpful/intelligent/alluring sidekicks, but never the main show.

What’s with that? If a girl doesn’t see examples of women standing up for themselves or making important choices, why WOULD they be any good at video games or anything else.

What I am saying as this pertains to LARP…..think about Xena, She-Ra, and all of those other “I’m so cool but I’m also a princess or I only have power because a man close to me is important” kind of ‘role models’ out there for girls. You can do better, and if you choose not to play ‘the game’ at a LARP, you can accept the social consequences and do something else.

Play the game–don’t let it play you.

(and also beware of using cut tags on WordPress. They seem to eliminate text.)

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The success of the new Star Trek movie makes me wonder whether we’ll be seeing Star Trek LARPs. I know there are various organizations out there who do construct bridges in their basements and enact some Trek stuff, but generally most Star Trek role playing I have encountered has been either at conventions or online.


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I know a lot of our readers are interested in Seventh Kingdom IGE. Here’s the most recent info:

Photo Credit: Zach Long; courtesy seventhkingdomige.com

Photo Credit: Zach Long; courtesy seventhkingdomige.com


Tara Meacham, Marketing Director
Seventh Kingdom IGE

Seventh Kingdom IGE Offers “Interactive Gaming Environment” to New
Jersey LARPers

Mt. Holly, NJ, April 27, 2009 – Building on the concept of LARP (live
action role play), the Interactive Gaming Environment allows players
to create and choose a character, dress as the character, and fulfill
quests and adventures in the game.

Seventh Kingdom IGE is open to players age 16 and above, and is run by
the staff of seven, known as Venture Crew 1337. Players can
pre-register via the Seventh Kingdom IGE Web site at

Seventh Kingdom will run an open beta event on June 26-28 and its
first full event on July 17-19. Both events are held at Camp Amity
Acres in Waretown, NJ. Events start at a weekend pricing of $45.00.
Pre-registration opens today. Military (active, reserve, and Guard)
and those who pre-register will receive discounts.

More comprehensive than LARPs, Seventh Kingdom operates specifically
as a business, existing to satisfy the needs of the players. President
and CEO Matthew “Bizkit” Hoerter hand-selected the six other staff
members: a logistics director, event coordinator,
scheduling/photography director, rules director,
propmaster/environmental director, and marketing director. Hoerter’s
staff holds over 40 years of live action gaming experience.

Seventh Kingdom IGE also offers special instruction classes for new
players, during which players can receive assistance in making their
first character and safety-approved weapon.

Hoping to capitalize on recent appearances of LARPs in mainstream
media, Seventh Kingdom IGE targets LARPers, video and tabletop gamers,
but specifically reaches out to new players.

Seventh Kingdom IGE conducts in-person demos at local conventions,
universities, and events and is actively seeking cross-promotion on
the Web. For further information, contact Marketing Director Tara
Meacham at tmm@seventhkingdomige.com and view the online press kit at


Seventh Kingdom IGE takes gaming to the next level. Reaching out to
new and experienced gamers, Seventh Kingdom IGE offers its branded
“Interactive Gaming Environment,” promising to provide a
constantly-engaging live action game environment to players.


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