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Contact: Tara M. Clapper, Marketing Director
Seventh Kingdom IGE



Get ready to quest: Seventh Kingdom IGE celebrates two years of immersive live action role playing environment


Mount Holly, NJ, July 27, 2011—Seventh Kingdom IGE prepares to take live action role playing (LARPing) to the next level for its anniversary event. This month’s game will include new adversaries crafted by Environmental Director Matt Wagner.


Wagner graduated from Rowan University earlier this year, earning a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts. Using the skills gained from 10 years of experience behind the scenes in theater and LARP, Wagner’s modules (quests, scenarios and role playing instances) have earned him a reputation for scares, safety and success.


Seventh Kingdom IGE is an interactive game environment based in Mt. Holly,New Jersey. Experience a monthly live interactive adventure. Players create characters and embark on adventures based in a complex fantasy environment. The game encompasses a balance of boffer combat and role play and social skills.


The event takes place in South Jersey’s Camp Amity Acres in Waretown, NJ, an hour and a half east of Philadelphia.


Players can save money by pre-registering for Seventh Kingdom events on the game’s site.


For more information about Seventh Kingdom IGE, view the game’s site at http://www.seventhkingdomige.com. Follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LARPinNJ.

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Seventh Kingdom IGE takes a bold step forward in the live action role playing world. Instead of simply LARP, this game promises players an interactive gaming environment–fully immersive and interactive. Patrons will experience the game with all senses.

Seventh Kingdom’s food is also highly-rated, promising to be among the best out there.

Come play today! Check out Seventh Kingdom IGE.

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"twenty" So… John Henry a super computer of the Sarah Connor Chronicles plays Dungeons and Dragons and he rolls what ever he wants! The opening scene of the season finale shows John Henry and his DM; one of the scientists watching over his development playing the game. John Henry is ambushed by an Umber Hulk and takes a mere three damage. Little does the Dungeon Master know but that John Henry can roll what he wants. And he rolls 20 with a vorpal sword. All us D&D geeks knows what that means. OFF WITH ITS HEAD!!

Jesus saves and takes half damage! What would a terminator do?

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I was in a discussion the other day with members of my LARP group. The topic of this discussion was politics. Now if it’s one thing that can bring arguments politics is one of the big three. You know, “Sex, Religion, and Politics.”

Oh no friends I’m not just talking any run of the mill politics. This isn’t a presidential election or voting on property taxes. This is serious. I’m talking LARP politics. I’ve experienced two forms of this. A player run political arena to drive the story (which can potentially drive away new players) or the players shall never have a hand in politics.

The only problem I’ve ever really had with player run government really is the fact that Players should never rule other players. Too much potential for abuse. In LARP where I have encountered player sherrif’s and governers it kind of turned me off to the game. Why would I show up as a new player to a game and have some PC (player character) approach me and bully me into following his/her orders. I don’t go to a game to be told what to do and how to play my character, especially when I spend time gathering costume materials and writing a 3000 word back ground for that character. Other than that issue a player government can enrich a game and provide story oppurtunities. Obviously we have to weigh the benefits versus the drama.

In my humble opinion an NPC government seems to be the fairest approach and most balanced for the game. How involved should that government be? Do they control every aspect of the game or just have it all go with the flow?

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