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One minute the sun is so hot that my flip-flops are threatening to melt onto the sidewalk… while 10 minutes later I’m pulling out my winter coat. Don’t we all love spring?

While you’re trying to regulate your temperature, don’t forget about your weapon’s temperature whether it’s latex or boffer. Extreme cold can literally freeze a weapon, making it hard and crack. Hitting someone with a frozen weapon increases the chances of you doing physical harm since the foam no longer pads the weapon and like anything frozen and being smashed against something… it will break, shatter and crack all over the place. There are the same dangers with the heat. Heat begins to melt and warp the weapon. Duct tape slides off a weapon like butter. Having it sit around (in your trunk or even worse, in your back window) will practically become playdo. My last latex sword, which I left in my car during a cold night but the day it became excruciating,  was laying on top of a racquet. Later that day when I picked it up the latex had melted, oozing through the racquet’s net. I was devastated.

People usually put alot of time, effort and money into a weapon and knowing how to properly take care of it will extend the life of any weapon.

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The sparrows are singing, the trees are blossoming and the Internet search engine is exploding with LARP inquiries.

LARP fever is spreading!!!

There is no better time of the year to start thinking about LARPing. You don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures or scorching temperatures. Spring time provides those sunny days where the shade is still cool and the nights still breezy and fresh. You’re able to wear your costume to it’s full potential, no more hoodies and sweat pants and yet it’s not unbearable to wear a corset or chain mail. Before you decide on a LARP or head off to that next event in May, there are a few things you should consider.

If you’re a new player interested in experiencing LARPing you want to think things through before joining up with a LARP. I would hate for you to just go in without thinking about it, creating a character, putting money into that character, falling in love with the character… and hating the game. I’ve seen it happen SO many times. And you know what most people end up doing? It’s usually one of three things. 1) They suffer through the game in hopes that things will change just so they can continue to play their character. 2) Quickly leave the game, head to another and realize they cannot fully play that character since rules are different or it feels uncomfortable in a new setting. Or 3) a small part of them is jaded toward LARPing and they either continue to LARP at a different LARP with a different character (while still thinking about the old character) or straight out quit LARPing.

A player never quite realizes (unless you’ve been there) how much of them goes into a character. I know how that sounds. You’re thinking that it’s silly and creating a character is as throw awayable as the sheet of paper it is written on… wrong. You become attached and really put a piece of yourself into it. You become passionate as the character progresses and even if you do not start with a history, you think something up and run with it. You are determined to see you character reach his or her goals and when that character’s life is cut short, whether by in game death or by leaving the game, a small part of you dies along with it.

What to do to prevent this? It’s actually easier then most people think. Really and I mean really read into the LARP. Get to know it by reading all of the content provided for you and by activly participating in the Forums. Take notice in how kind the staff members are and how welcomingthe players are, both the veterans and newbies. Find out how long the game has been running. A long standing game means it has clout and a strong following with an interesting storyline, but it’s also long standing. What do I mean by this? Ask yourself if you would enjoy entering a game at level 1 when some of the other players are level 56, would you enjoy it? Especially if you’re new to LARPing? Would you be able to overlook that fact? Alot of games try to engross the new players while still entertaining the old players, not only is this rare but it’s even rarer that it is pulled off well. Then there are the new LARPs that are either starting this summer or have been around for a year. You are able to start fresh along with the rest of the player base, no one will look at you funny if you mess up some rules since everyone is still learning them, and you’ll really get a chance to interact with plot since it’s brand spanking new. There is also a chance that the game will flop or the staff are inexperienced in running a game so it can just be plain bad.

So when choosing a game, whether it be old or new, be sure to do your homework about it. It wouldn’t hurt to ask around as I’m sure you wouldn’t just go buy a new car without reading up on it or test driving.

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Zombie Jesus Day. Easter to all you Rabbit enthusiasts. We here at The blog love our zombies something fierce. Well, really we like shooting them with shotguns. But today, we set aside our religious differences and come together with our family and friends and give appreciation to the One who rose on the 3rd day. And chased his family and friends biting them and turning them. So saith the book of Francis. And every one spoke “I Hate Elevators.” Though Scripture is great, My family and I enjoyed a great meal of Micro-wave origin, and rolls. I now sit fat and happy, waiting for the biting One to visit, with my good friends. Night all, Sleep close to your weaponry.

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Seventh Kingdom IGE

Myself and six other friends have been working tirelessly on a LARP we are planning on unveiling in June. If you could please take a moment and look over the website and let me know what you think I’d really appreciate it.

And if you’re in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, etc. area we would love to see you there in June!

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(I apologize for the wall of text, but it really is a good read.)

So just as I was starting to think that no one really read this blog besides my cat and grandmother when I recieved an e-mail through my Myspace. It was from a fellow girl LARPer asking for some good ol’ advice. I realized how much our conversation would help other girls out there (or really ANY new LARPer for that matter) and asked permission to post our conversation, she agreed so without futher ado here it is:


Hi Tina,

I’ve been reading the blog you contribute to (which is great, by the way) and was wondering if you could help me out with a chick-LARPing dilemma I’m facing. My boyfriend of 3months has been LARPing since he was 11 (9 years!) and I’ve only been to one event with him, but I totally love it. I’m a WoW player and generic female gamer, but the whole live-action thing is really overwhelming, particularly because he’s so experienced and I have no idea what I’m doing. Basically the question is, do you have any advice on how to adjust from gaming to LARPing, especially considering that my bf’s character is far more experienced than mine and therefore there’s not too much for us to do together at events? The whole ‘pecking order’ thing among the other girls is overwhelming too… Really I’m just looking for any kind of advice from a fellow-female-larper who knows what’s up.



Hey there!

I want to commend you and your courage for trying out something so different that many people wouldn’t even consider thinking about. I also want to commend you for taking the time asking for advice since asking for advice really is the first step everyone should take when they begin LARPing. I’m glad you came to me for advice since I’m a female LARPer for the past six years and I’ve actually met my current boyfriend at a LARP. The funny thing is that my character at the time was more ‘powerful’ then his in the sense that I was going to the game longer. So now I can help you out with each of your questions.

My first piece of advice would be go in with a blank canvas. Luckily you have some experience with the whole fantasy/RPG feel because of WoW (I also play myself) but at the same time so many LARPers almost ruin their experience because they are thinking too much in WoW terms. Think of it as a whole new adventure. Even if you think you understand something because it sounds like WoW, you’re better off asking about it. Not only will you make new friends asking about it but you’ll become more immersed with the games rules. It’s like when I sold lotions and perfumes at Bath and Body Works… the better I knew the product the easier and more enjoyable it was to sell it. The better you come at understanding every aspect of the game the more comfortable you’ll feel playing it. Don’t rely on your boyfriend to fill you in, take charge and ask around. LARPers love to help new people! It gives us a chance to show off our superior knowledge of nonsense.

Once you go into the game with a clear mind and a motivation to ask other people for help you are taking a step in the right direction. Don’t become attached to your boyfriend’s hip, he has just opened a whole new world for you to explore! Not to mention when some of the more advanced players start to become involved, the newbies fall to the way side and are forgotten. This is a perfect opportunity to meet the staff and other low level characters. LARPing is a social event no matter which way you look at it. Networking with the other players, both male and female, will help you with the ‘pecking order’ that takes place also. They feel you out and you get to feel them out. You may surprise yourself and meet some new best friends, God knows I have.

Now that you are moving around and making new friends with the lower leveled characters you’re probably thinking that you wanted to spend this weekend with your boyfriend. And I understand completely, trust me. But this is the time when you start asking yourself the serious questions… do you want to enjoy the game laid out before you? Or do you want to feel completely lost all weekend as you tag along with your boyfriend? Do you even really enjoy tagging along with your boyfriend? Do you have the courage to meet new people? Everyone answers these questions differently but I’ll tell you what I’ve done and the outcomes. When I ventured off without my boyfriend and ‘established’ myself in the town, it changed everything. I was able to enjoy the game ten fold, I was able to meet new friends, I was able to actually play my character and in turn play the game. My boyfriend saw how well I was doing and I think it made us both comfortable that I was taking care of myself. He didn’t have to baby-sit me anymore and he was proud at how I was handling myself with this new geeky adventure. Then there were times that we both missed each other and just wanted to spend all weekend with each other. That is fine too and we did. But then again, this was after we’ve both established our own niches in the LARP. You can sleep together and spend time together but don’t be afraid to go on an adventure with some new people while he is doing high level stuff. One day you’ll be evenly matched and can crush together on the battlefield. It never fails that the game pulls couples in different directions just because our characters have different outlooks. You don’t want to play the demon hunting warrior and he doesn’t want to play the daisy picking healer.

Congratulations! You’re making new friends, starting to ‘own’ the game, and strengthening your relationship with your boyfriend by showing your independence, and *ding!* you just leveled! You are finally starting to see the invisible lines that are the LARPs hierarchy. You see the girl that all the other girls both love and hate and the guys swarming around her, either flirting or trying to be her best friend. You see the guy that all the guys respect and look to for advice and the girls are trying to be his number one girl. Those are the alphas… every LARP has it and it takes a practiced eye to see it. But sometimes it’s almost enjoyable to sit back and try to figure it all out. You then have the guy and girl that are everyone’s friends, they are comfortable with themselves and their positions, and those are the betas. The rest fall into other categories and when you become more experienced with it you’ll start to see what I mean. The bitch, the pervert, the stalker, the back stabbing friend, the honest one, the kind one, etc. If I were to see you come to my game with a boyfriend that would alter things. I would look at how pretty you are and how you’re dressed. (Just being honest here.) I’d then look at how much confidence you have in yourself. It’s a common misconception that if you go to a game with a significant other that you are excluded from the hierarchy battle. Wrong. If anything that makes the guys want you more and the girls ‘fear’ you more. Just take things slowly and I also tell my friends… never play the game until you understand the rules. You want to be confident (straying away from your boyfriend to let your character grow shows how confident you are both in your relationship and in learning the game), and yet you want to be nice. You never stoop to a low level and you carry yourself almost like royalty. You never ever become the bitch though. Keep the guys interested and yet become best friends with all of the girls. Don’t let anyone push you around. It really comes down to an almost animalistic behavior. You are new so you are a new threat to the current hierarchy. But now that you have an inside look that will help in making you more comfortable. You can either decide to try and attain Alpha status or become comfortable in whatever status is ‘gifted’ to you. And you can decide to completely ignore the game and look at all the crazy people trying to be big and tough. Although, if the hierarchy game is ignored most times you cannot gain access to those ‘popular’ circles of players which usually end up doing the most interesting things.

So what the heck have I tried to get across with this? Be comfortable with yourself and get ready to laugh at yourself often. It’s awkward, uncomfortable and humiliating to act as another character if you’re not used to it. Once you clear that hurdle you’ll be excited and exhilarated to be able to play a whole new enigma. You can be a bad ass vampire hunter or the ever curious priest that refuses to harm a single thing. You can really get into the character and not be looked at funny. Actually the more you get into your character the more people look at you with respect. It’s like acting. People don’t love Angelina Jolie because she’s a bad actress. No, she really gets into her roles and everyone loves it! They respect her and want to be just like her.

You can do it! I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with all of this, but as I mentioned above, us LARPers love to help out new players! We know how much fun our hobby is and we want to share with everyone that will listen. If you have another other questions, please feel free to e-mail me again. And I wish you the best of luck with your LARPing adventures!



Hi again Tina!

Thank you SO much for all of the advice! Definitely feel free to put this on the blog, there’s a lot of great stuff in here and everyone should see it. I honestly think this well help out a lot with my next event in two weeks; I’ll let you know!

Thanks again, you’ve totally eased a lot of my concerns and now it all feels really do-able.


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You won’t be seeing many posts this weekend since we are all attending a friend’s LARP tomorrow morning until Sunday afternoon. (We’ll be sure to have a few good posts about LARPing when we get back.)

I have to admit, I’m excited. I haven’t LARPed these past few months due to not really finding one the group enjoys as a whole. Another problem with many LARPs is they don’t even host events during these colder months, and as I am a complete wuss when it’s cold out at night this is fine by me.

It was a whirlwind of packing today… socks, boots, garb, food, blow up mattress, you get the idea. BUT I forgot something… something so absolutely important that I’m just a tad bit angry at myself and will be waking up extra early tomorrow to spend $18 to buy more… PILLOWS!

Yes, pillows. I’ve completely over looked the fact that I need pillows, didn’t even think about it, not even for a second. The funny thing is this has actually happened ALOT to me and my fellow LARPers. It’s like a pillow curse, they are invisible to our memory until we are packed and heading out. And it’s not something as small as you can just shrug it off and not have it impact you throughout the weekend. Oh no, this goes against my one and ultimate rule of LARPing… when you sleep (and it won’t be often) make sure it’s worth it! By worth it I mean air mattress, tons of blankets and extra pillows. Spoil yourself and thank your body for putting up with being hit with a boffer sword multiple times. This is just something I’ve learned through experience and granted everyone has their own opinon but you’ll benefit from a good night’s sleep and enjoy the weekend that much more.

So the morale of this story is don’t forget your pillows!!!

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LARPing couple. Photo taken by Zach Long.

LARPing couple. Photo taken by Zach Long.

I usually aim my blogs toward girl gamers… but boys this is just as much for you as all my girls out there.

Finding a significant other during LARPing is not as hard as you think. Girls, we have it much easier since the odds are usually in our favor and yet boys… there is no reason why you can’t stand out and catch the eye of that cutie over by the lake. It is no different then trying to hook up with someone that you see at the mall or at the beach… LARPing just has you stuck together for a whole weekend, in close quarters, wearing sexy costumes, and in a romantic atmosphere. I bet you really never thought about it like that, did you?

The major set back is… hygiene. Most guys, and now in increasing numbers girls, really don’t give two shits about how they smell or how they look after a weekend in the woods kicking some butt. Now, for some guys and girls that is just fine. (Except the smelly part…) That is why they go LARPing, to get all sweaty and scream like an animal. Then there are guys and girls wondering why they just can’t find a date in the only social environment they experiece all month. Would you go to the club smelling of body oder, greasy hair and muddy pants? No. You would take hours to look your absolute best.

I didn’t forget that you’re LARPing, you’re going to get dirty and sweat but that can be controlled. Make sure to take a shower right before you head to the LARP and dress your best for sign up and anything else going on before lay on. Think of this as you ‘going to the club’. You’ll make some awesome first impressions and feel confident when meeting new people. As the weekend progresses try to enjoy more time sitting around in the Inn roleplaying instead of fighting, or scout out some showers (and use them!). Baby wipes help along with a wash cloth and bar of soap. I’ve washed my hair under a running water pump/faucet many times. I’ve used the melted ice out of the cooler to wet a wash cloth and scrub my arms, legs, neck, etc. I’ve packed a whole backpack specifically for hygiene.

If you find yourself heading home each month without getting the number of that handsome barbarian or sexy pixie take a look of yourself in the mirror and see if a little washing up just might increase your chances of scoring.

And please, keep in mind… drowing yourself with a bottle of Axe or perfume is just as stomach turning as catching a whiff of BO.

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