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Check out “There and Back Again,” an Only Child Production. This video features Seventh Kingdom IGE, an interactive game environment featuring mega-fun and highly-immersive role play. Check out the interviews and antics in this new video!

*We are not sure why the user removed the video and hope to have it up again soon. Thanks!

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Seventh Kingdom IGE takes a bold step forward in the live action role playing world. Instead of simply LARP, this game promises players an interactive gaming environment–fully immersive and interactive. Patrons will experience the game with all senses.

Seventh Kingdom’s food is also highly-rated, promising to be among the best out there.

Come play today! Check out Seventh Kingdom IGE.

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Most LARPs make it very easy for anyone to begin LARPing with a very basic costume. Anyone can put on a decent looking tabard and belt it over dark clothing. If you do this, avoid wearing modern-looking stuff like denim, and just wear regular dark pants or sweatpants.

If you are not going to play a regular old human, you should certainly check out the race requirements. You can always talk to the game staff before the game if you have questions. Some types of humans, or classes/professions/designations/kingdoms might even involve certain coloring.

Most LARPs offer an animal type race, for example. In Seventh Kingdom IGE, they call this a Beastling. Some of the Beastling races involve more detailed costuming than others, so it’s important to read ahead.

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The LARPs that I have participated in all seem to have a common formula for their plot for any given month or week end. Now most people would say, “Why fix something if it isn’t broken?”  Well, my friends, this particular behavior just might be broken, but since it is the status quo no one seems to want to change it. Is it a fear of the unknown? Or maybe even the uncertainty of the player response to a new formula?

Well here is the current formula.

Players perform a preconceived (by the staff) sequence of events that must occur before leading up to a Saturday finale. Should the players fail at any of these modules the staff creates a means to save the day (and their plot) and it’s usually an npc (non player character) or group of npcs.  And that my friends is monsterbation which in my book is a plot no no. Nobody wants to pay for a LARP where everything has been foretold by staff where no matter what a player does it won’t matter, because the “script said so!”

It might just be a bit radical of me to assume that most do not mind this, as the tales usually are epic and it is fun just to be a part of something big. I do enjoy repeating old war stories to my companions about past deeds and my part in the events, and remember what we all shared. Not to mention the MVP moments of our companions wether it was funny, brave, or a total accident.  The harsh reality is, it wasn’t our story, just our part.

Each player and group should have their own epic tales to tell. The plot should merely drive them.  The circumstances that each player is placed creates an oppurtunity for their deeds to shine and to create and lead to a potential climax all their own.

So it seems that instead of trying to fix a broken formula let’s just make a new one. What if a story was divised of multiple occurances and fleshed out by the reactions of the players? Then the plot writers would have to do a large series of “what ifs?” And yet some how tie it all together. Then that would truly put the “labor” in labor of love. After all, that’s what the LARP is to it’s staff and players is it not?

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For me the best part of going to a LARP is the chance to be something that you could never be in todays world. The chance to strap on a suit of armor and stand on the front line of a battlefield. To be n all powerful  mage and have access to secrets not ment for mortal man. Or perhaps to stalk the woods as a Rogue waiting for the right moment to leap out and deliver a deadly blow to an enemy’s back.

We have all watched movies or tv shows and  seen a character that just embodies a side of our personality that we can’t normally show on a  day to day venue. We all watch the characters antics and say inside “Man I would love to have a chance to be that guy for a little while. ”

Well this is it. This is the same thing. You litteraly get to devise a personna for yourself to play one weekend a month all year long. Be that person. Let that section of your personality run wild for a bit.

Not only can you be that person but now you can control his actions. No longer do you have to be on the sideline watching the events. You affect the story! And we all can name a thousand different things we would have done in any number of movie conceived situations.

For me it was always the scene where the bad guy is rambling on and the hero makes an escape while the villian monologues. I would scream at the foolish villian..”Just kill him!! You can rattle on to his dead body!”

Since I began LARPing it has been a non stop roller coaster of fun, hilarity, friendship, hardship, and accomplishment. Nothing can compare short of being a Navy Seal behind enemy lines or a CIA agent working during the cold war. I guess what I am really trying to get at is life is to boring on a day to day as it is. Break the mold.

Try something new.

Be someone new.



Bryant BlackFoot

Till the Eagle comes..

P.S. Rogues FTW

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