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Have you ever wanted to take your LARP to the next level? Check out Seventh Kingdom IGE, an interactive game environment. This game focuses on innovative, immersive role play–and now they have a new commercial to prove it!

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Well I haven’t been keeping up with my posts sorry guys. So tonight, I’m blogging at gun point. My friends are holding sharp things un menacing ways to post about LARP related stuff.

The last post talked a bit about physical fitness and LARPing. Well being a bigger guy, I  myself have been trying to kick my butt into shape before we go out again. I have the energy, but carting my body plus my gear is tiring and painful. So I’ve decided to change some things.

I now work out daily with friends, or go on a run. I changed my diet a little, by visiting Wawa less, and by eating a bit healthier. I would like to report my plans are going great and I’m feeling better about rocking out in the woods on our next trip!

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I am probably going to direct this blog more as a question or opening point to some of our other bloggers, but I wanted to make a brief note about physical fitness and LARPing.

Back in high school, physical fitness was mandatory. So I went. I hated gym class, but I went because I had to.

In college, I only had to take two gym classes over four years. However, I was always on the go, walking across campus to get to classes and toting lots of books as well as my guitar.

After college, I noted that I was gaining weight, but I didn’t want to give up my leisure time to work out, which seemed like a chore. Since I had a full time job, I had to choose between entertainment and my health, or so it seemed.

Then I found LARP. LARP was fun, and fulfilled my full-weekend need for entertainment. I noticed soon after LARPing that I had actually lost fat and gained muscle over my LARP weekends–it’s a great way to stay fit! I look forward to LARPing more since I could definitely stand to drop some weight that I gained mostly due to an injury and partially due to my relationship with two handsome men named Ben and Jerry.

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