Often, LARPs are limited in where they can host their game. Limitations include number of camps or other rentable locations within their base distance, player amount, amount of days needed, cost/budget, and the minimal required amenities (available buildings, kitchens). Different modules or battle scenarios also have different space requirements. From a staff perspective, this is a lot to consider.

There’s also the point of scenery. Here in the US, I kind of get bummed out when I go to a LARP or see pictures of a game with cars in the background. It sort of kills the LARP mood if that makes sense, and makes for less effective immersion. I admit to being jealous because in the UK, Ireland, and Europe, they have really great scenery including rolling hillsides and actual castles. The LARP bug has led me to get the travel bug, and next time I have the opportunity to travel abroad (or even to the West Coast) I am going to do my best to LARP while I am there. Continue Reading »

It might seem simple…boffer combat equals weight loss. However, watching your weight at a LARP can be a tricky thing. Unless you work in the kitchen, you’re not the one making the food, and sometimes it’s hard to make healthy choices. Read more about watching your weight at a LARP here.

LARP weapons

Article: Avoiding the LARP Killer: Cliques

Attending any LARP for the first time you begin to experience nervousness. Excitement. Fear. And some of us? An anxious panic that doesn’t abide until you are comfortable in a circle of bodies that you can disappear in to. It is like sucking your thumb, or carrying around your blankie. Not good for us but we need it all the same.

Those very safety circles are what usually cause the most trouble at any social gathering with numerous people; summer camps, any sort of class, parties, LARPs etc. These circles are also known as cliques.

Ahhh cliques… how I despised them in high school, college and now they are following me still in LARPs. Let me explain to you that I’ve attended multiple LARPs over the years and at some of these LARPs the cliques are either painfully obvious, you have to look for the cliques to find them, OR there are no cliques to be heard of. I want you to understand that clique drama does not happen at some to most LARPs but if you do encounter them my hopes are that you are aware of what is going on and you can still escape unscathed.

Cliques are usually easy to spot. Large groups of people that generally look alike, share interests, views, purposes, or patterns of behavior can be the beginnings of a clique. They’ll usually have an elitist attitude and keep to themselves. Being a social type of gathering, cliques will throw a kink into the flow things at any LARP.

The staff of a LARP needs to constantly be on the look out for cliques and head them off before they are completely established. That is, if the staff even cares about their game or if they are just in it for the money. And a staff that cares about the game is a staff that you want to be supporting each month.

Once again you are new and have a clean slate… use this to your advantage, learn as much as you can about everyone and look deep into yourself. Alright, alright. I know that sounds cheesy but I mean it, really ask yourself early on what you want to accomplish in the game so you can preplan and not stick your foot in your mouth. Do you want to be good, neutral or evil?

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Article: Choosing between a new LARP vs. an old LARP

Many decisions need to be made when deciding you want to begin LARPing. One of the first choices you will encounter is which game to attend, and more often than not you will have quite a few choices in front of you. A large factor in narrowing down your choices should be the age of the game. This is one of the most important factors that many people overlook but looking at the age of the game can really affect the game play that you will experience.

Listed below are the common pros and cons of a new game compared to an older, more established game. It is up to you to decide which you prefer to have in a game.

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Ah yes, we’ve blogged on this topic before. My geek gal friends and I still fail to understand why geeky men have unrealistic expectations about women. I like comic books. I would like to blame something other than comic books. However, The Frisky posted a quote from James Cameron.

Fantasy Women Are Easier To Deal With

In the word of Malcolm Reynolds… “Huh.”


It’s Time For Change – View from a US Larp

When I mention LARPing to someone, the response I usually get is “Excuse you”. Excuse me? No, excuse you good sir for I feel bad that you have not been able to experience the eye opening experience you could have LARPing. Most people when they hear about LARPing they instantly become condescending and judgmental. Funny thing is… I’m not getting the looks like I did five years ago.

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. LARPing began in the 1970s and although no one can agree to where this term was coined or who exactly thought it up we do know that the first game recorded began in 1977 in Washington DC in the United States. Players who partake in a LARP call themselves LARPers. Eh, so what? I can easily find that on the LARPing wiki right? But read it again… LARPing has been around for 30+ years. This ‘idea’ has been around for a long period of time and this ‘idea’ has not been played around…

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LARP and Degrassi

Kary of Degrassi Blog posted about a subplot on Degrassi involving LARP (live action role play). Please note this spoiler warning for that link for those who are Degrassi fans.

I like how Kary treated the topic and related it to her own love of the show itself. Please go and check out what she wrote! This just goes to show that LARP is more and more present in the media.