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When I write, sometimes I like background noise. That usually means putting the TV on a somewhat mindless TV show. Today I left it on VH1’s “Undateable,” a show that offers mostly-helpful pointers to guys by telling them what not to do. The guests on the show carefully advises men to avoid dating dangers like ‘double denim.’ Then there was the stereotype: Guys at conventions who like Star Trek, Star Wars, or even Avatar do not get the ladies.

Clearly the guests on the show have not been to a convention. In some circles (such as cosplay or some LARPs), the woman to man ratio makes the male a rare commodity, also known as more desirable. All those nerd guys sitting in front of computers wondering about where to find a hot geek chick really just need to get up off their behinds and head to a LARP.

Sure, conventions have fat guys in first season “Star Trek: The Next Generation” costumes thinking they’re hot and/or Commander Riker. The stereotype exists…but just as it is with other groups, the stereotype in the geek community often comes from the vocal minority. This is the same reason some people give for hating Muslims, Christians, or Jews. Religious hate is bad enough…do we really need to make this kind of hate mainstream?

There are certainly ugly geek males and females…but there are some pretty decent looking ones, too. If you only knew about the high percentage of “Dungeons & Dragons” players in the military or at prestigious institutions like MIT and Harvard, you’d be surprised. Geeks have inherited the earth in the age of technology, and some of them are pretty damn good looking.

So simmer down, VH1. I hope Bill Gates buys you out!

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LARP Fight

Two players fighting over the ultimate treasure. Photo: Zach Long.

Contact: Tara M. Clapper, Marketing Director
Seventh Kingdom IGE


Seventh Kingdom IGE to present interactive fantasy inn adventure environment at National Halloween and Haunters Convention

Mount Holly, NJ, March 2, 2010—Seventh Kingdom IGE will create an interactive fantasy space at the National Halloween and Haunters Convention to take place on April 30th through May 2nd in King of Prussia, PA.

This environment will feature a medieval fantasy tavern complete with role players responding to attendee conversations. Become completely immersed in a fantasy setting and embark upon a quest in this game play environment. Entrance to the tavern and quest setting is $5.00.

Learn by observation about the importance of immersion in creating an inviting, inventive setting.

The National Halloween and Haunters Convention is a four day convention featuring presenters, vendors, workshops, classes and a zombie-themed costume ball. Convention attendees can connect with haunting industry professionals to learn about crafting haunted environments and ubiquitous costume pieces.

Seventh Kingdom IGE is an interactive game environment based in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Experience a monthly live interactive adventure. Players create characters and embark on adventures based in a complex fantasy environment. The game encompasses a balance of boffer combat and role play and social skills.

For more information about Seventh Kingdom IGE, view the game’s site at http://www.seventhkingdomige.com. To learn more about the National Halloween and Haunters Convention, check out http://www.nationalhauntersconvention.com. Purchase advanced tickets for the inn and mini-quest directly at http://www2.nationalhauntersconvention.com/Product.aspx?id=CONVLARP.

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